Ladies Who Launch!

I’m very excited to say that it is Beachwalk Press’s Launch week! I am delighted to have Patricia Bates, a fellow Beachwalker with me today letting me in on a few of her writing secrets…

Thanks for joining me today, Patricia!

PB – No worries. Thanks for hosting me 🙂

TR – I’d love to know, Patricia, who is your favorite character you’ve created and why?

PB – My favorite character? Hmm that’s a hard one. I love all of my characters in different ways, however, I think my all time fav has to be Mykyl Tyrson, a sinfully wicked Viking Prince with more than his fair share of sex appeal and a heart of gold. 

TR – Oooo a wicked prince, lovely…. Do you always know what’s going to happen in your stories, or do they surprise you?

PB – Nope, don’t always know. I often will do an outline, go into details for major plot points for each chapter, but after a while I’ve learned that sometimes I’m only the medium, a method for the characters themselves to voice their opinions and tell their stories. 
TR – So your writing can be a surprise even to you – are you a marathon writer, or do you work in short bursts?
PB – I’m both. If I’m in a groove I can write for hours and get huge chunks of the story down, other times I have to force myself to get a chapter done. Regardless, I love every aspect of it and enjoy what I do.
TR –  How do you unwind after a day at the keyboard? 
PB – I tend to watch a movie, read a book…or enjoy a coffee while just sitting. Though in all honesty the end of my day is usually when I turn the computer off.
TR – Which song would be the soundtrack to your new book?

PB – Considering my next book is a bit of a darker Paranormal romance, I’d have to say there are a few options. I think though that the song Taking Chances is a good option. Have to love those sexy, mysterious immortals!

Thank you Patricia! Christmas comes early this year and Patricia’s Book, The Cowgirl’s Christmas is now available from Beachwalk Press – where you can win prizes and a copy of the book.
You can also catch up with Patricia at one on or all of these…
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